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Install GPS System in Your Car

Why do you need a GPS system? Do you think that you are very bad with addresses and navigation? Do you not remember the location of a place even when you have visited it couple of times before? Well, this is the case with many of us and we get lost on the way in


An Overview on Some Popular Android Games

Gone are the days when the kids would have to wait for the permission from their parents to be able to go out and play some games with their friends. Technology has given them the liberty of being able to play the most exciting digital games sitting in their home itself, they can play them


Virtual Private Servers – A Latest Effective And Efficient Means Of Web Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are defined as a medium between shared and dedicated hosting. It is the best possible solution for the servers who require quite a bit server reserves. The benefits of the dedicated hosting can be realized along with the cheaper execution cost in the VPS hosting. Usually the partitioning technique is used in


Create and Maintain Timelines using Office Timeline for PowerPoint

Do you want to have the convenience of editing as well as customizing a timeline any time? if yes, is your answer, then read the following article since it is going to help you immensely. Install Timeline Addon You need to begin by installing the add-on and you will find an additional extra tab in


How To : Create QR Codes

Today, I am gonna share a cool and awesome website with you guys using which you can easily create a QR Code of your data. For those of you who don’t know what a QR Code really is here is a brief introduction to QR Codes. What is a QR Code? QR stands for qurifying.


13 Ways To Download Youtube Videos

Like we already mentioned in our earlier article about Youtube’s Secret game that you can play while you are watching a particular video and waiting for it to stream, this article will brief you about how you can actually get to download the video that you are viewing from Youtube itself. To be very honest


Google Project Glass – Things You Might Wanna Know

It is a true fact that every person who sees a movie that’s related to sci-fi pictures himself/herself to be in that world of high tech aura. But the first thought that comes to mind is that technologies like these are not possible in the real world as of now. Sorry to say but this