Virtual Private Servers – A Latest Effective And Efficient Means Of Web Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are defined as a medium between shared and dedicated hosting. It is the best possible solution for the servers who require quite a bit server reserves. The benefits of the dedicated hosting can be realized along with the cheaper execution cost in the VPS hosting. Usually the partitioning technique is used in which a physical server is divided into many “Virtual servers”. Each new server is an independent operating system. A VPS provides a middle ground. It is more versatile than shared hosting and more flexible than dedicated hosting. There can be a number of questions in the mind of future hosting clients such as different advantages attached with VPS, various aspects of this cost effective system and how it is better for dedicated hosting. VPS hosting provides a better control over the website and enhanced safety for the web content. It provides a trustworthy and a supple answer with the absolute access to the root server. Some advantages related to VPS are listed below:-

Cost Efficient

Virtual Private Servers are independent packets on a single server. Since a number of VPS can be hosted on a single server, hosting suppliers or providers can experience “Multi-Tenancy” in this form of hosting. In fact multi tenancy is an integral part of the VPS because only one template is installed on the server at a time and then multiple independent “Virtual machines” can be put in the single template through the abstraction layer. This is the major factor in lowering the cost of the VPS hosting as compared to the dedicated servers.

Back up

This is one of the important aspect of VPS since it provides effective backups against data loss. Ordinarily in the Dedicated server no abstraction layer is present and the data is directly hosted on the main kernel. A faster route to recovery is provided by the VSP’s in which data is stored in an image which can be rebooted on another domain quickly in case of data loss. Along with this VSP’s can be live migrated between different domains or nodes with zero downtime in between. The growing importance of securing backup files has made VPS a mainstream part for all the webmasters and web hosts.


More information and resources can be added to VSP servers without any downtime and they can be scaled up and down according to the demand. It means that certain upgrades can be done and accordingly scaled as per the specification. In the dedicated server there is forced downtime for any kind of upgrades. It may be RAM, CPU or any other upgrade there is definitely a time lag in shared and dedicated web hosting.

Root Access

The VPS provides all the solution and services of a shared network and it is worth mentioning that it can be held at a lower price than shared hosting these days. For testing purposes VPS is very useful and with the full root access you can experience all the aspects of the dedicated server.

Keeping in mind all the above advantages the VPS hosting has created a revolution in the hosting arena and it is must for your web business.

Author Bio: This article is written by Tania Maxim. She writes about web hosting, and provides solutions related to web hosting problems. You can read her Hostgator coupon codes blog here

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