[Review] BitDefender Mobile Security [Android]

I had been using Avast for Android for sometime on my Android device, today I was just searching
the play store for some apps and came across Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android and decided to give it a try. It’s pretty much the same thing, like it does system scanning, restoring like any other antivirus does. My main motive to try this was to check on the phone resources it uses and to check the performance. I would say it did fine like any other antivirus. It did give me some force closes and hung in the middle but I think it’s because of my phone. Following are some areas of the app that I explored.screenshot-bitdefender-02

Mal-ware Scanner

The first thing you try in any antivirus is its mal-ware scanner, I also did the same. It scanned for mal-ware on two things, first installed apps and second SD card. Scanning of the installed app was quite fast but when it came to SD card it was kinda stuck and took a lot of time, I gave it around 10 minutes for the SD card and then cancelled the scanning because it looked like it’s stuck in the middle.

One thing I liked was that there is an option to enable/disable scanning of external card when it’s
mounted on the phone.

Web Security

Next thing in the feature list that I tried out was web security, it’s supposed to protect us from rogue
websites which we surf on the internet using default android web browser, there is an option to enable
and disable this function too.

Anti Theft

Now this is the feature I liked the most in any antivirus application. You can see the image below to
see what type of function you can perform using anti theft system remotely. There functions include
tracking the device using gps, wipe your essential data, lock the phone, send message and some more
things. But for anti theft system to work you gotta need to give admin rights to the application.
After that you can login to your Bitdefender account to track your lost phone by logging into my.bitdefender.com. When you first start the app it will ask you to create an account on Bitdefender so
don’t worry if you don’t have an account with them.

PS : I am using Sony erricson xperia x10 mini pro with a 8gb sd card.
PS : I had used 15 day trial version of this app powered by Bitdefender Antivirus, which is available for free form the play store. You can also give it a try for free by following this link. You need to buy only if you like it and want to use it for more than 15 days.

If you are also having and Android phone then do share with us which antivirus software are you using
and what made you choose that as an app to protect your phone.

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One Response to [Review] BitDefender Mobile Security [Android]

  1. abhishek says:

    I have been using avast myself for a long time,but i’ll surely try this one out :) .Nice review

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