Conference Call Providers for Your Business [Comparison]

conference-call-provides-featuredSometimes, it can be difficult to compare service providers; no matter what service you are interested in. All service providers will compete for your business, through advertisements that can sometimes be too good to be true. This can be especially true with conference calling providers. For your convenience, you will find listed here several different service providers, along with a summary of each. This can help you to narrow down your search to the perfect service provider.

  • Skype

    This is a widely used, and very powerful, conference call service provider. This service is very versatile, but is most commonly used as an instant messaging service. It offers video chat, and calls through VoIP. Overall, they offer free services. However, you must pay for features such as calling numbers outside of the Skype network, or group video calls. No matter what your use for Skype may be, it is frequently used among peers and businesses. Therefore it boasts a fun, yet professional, user friendly interface.

  • DimDim

    DimDim offers a free thirty day trial period, so you do not need to make any commitments to try this service. Their main focus is online meetings and webinars. This is also a somewhat popular service, and can be very useful. One bonus to this conference calling service is that no downloads are required. This makes it a prime candidate for those who must use several different computers throughout the week or month.

  • Powwownow

    If you are looking for a top provider that aims to serve the professional community, then American conference calls provider Powwownow is the recommended choice. They cater to businesses that need a highly reliable conference calling service. They also offer a very user friendly interface, with wonderful support. The extra features that you can utilize with their services are quick to delight business owners; and many competitors find it hard to offer these features with their flat rate services. This is bringing them a great amount of attention from large businesses and companies.

  • Ring 2

    As far as easily navigable and simple service providers go, Ring 2 quickly jumps in to meet your needs. While they may not offer as extensive services and features that the aforementioned providers do, they offer a very compact interface. Nearly every possible destination that you may have in mind (on their site) is quickly found in the nav bar located at the top of the page. As said, it may not be as extensive, but it offers simplicity and can get the job done.

  • Sight Speed

    Sight Speed focuses on video calling and voice calls, making it an acceptable contender for this list. It is functional on both the Mac, and regular PC’s. If you are planning to focus on PC to PC video calls, they offer this service free of charge. This is an excellent option for those on a budget. You can also get affordable rates should you decide to call landline numbers or mobile numbers; which is true with most VoIP service providers.

This guest post is written by Luke on the behalf of Powwownow. Powwownow offers a conference calling service for their German users, check it out here.

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  1. I would go with skype for its amazing awesome i use and free services if you have a good internet connection than Skype is best to choose as your voip service provider…..

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