Now Cybercrimes Are Not Easy To Do


Georgy Avanesov has been sentenced to four years in prison by an Armenian district court. The 27 year old Russian citizen actually of Armenian lineage was first caught in 2010. This happened when the Dutch Law enforcing agencies brought down a huge Bredolab network consisting of about 140 various affected computer servers. It was truly evident that Avanesov is behind this since the worldwide spam levels reduced by 12 percent afterwards.

Turns out that spam had decreased to as much as 26% after the network was taken down. It was during that time that Koobface Botnet who was popular for affecting facebook users was taken down.

The Russian prisoner agreed that it was him who made the Bredolab malware in 2009. Avenesov also went on say that he made it accessible to others through computer servers in France and Holland. What he added on to his statements that he had no idea that others were hoping to use it illegally.

People in charge of his prosecution claim that Avanesov made a good $125,000 per month just renting out impure computers to cybercriminals. The purpose of this renting out was that he virus could spread from computer to computer.

As long as Bredolab stayed in systems, the virus was used for many unlawful acts. It has been claimed that Bredolab Botnet was the weapon used by many cyber villains to rob private details such as bank account passwords. There was also some spam mail sent that talked about selling fake drugs. A Bredolab alternate even violated Facebook and delivered fake emails like “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation.” These emails had in them a file which if the innocent reader downloaded would lead to chaos on their system.

The emails consisting of the span displayed that they were from “The Facebook Team.” The sender’s email also appeared to be That’s very deceiving of the virus indeed since both the email and address were malicious; the file that was attached with the claim that it was the user’s new Facebook password.

Cybercrime has truly gone to new heights in the multiscreen and multiplatform world today. This was the first time that an Armenian court gave our punishment for cybercrime. Shawn Henry who is the executive assistant director of FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch gave a detailed interview regarding the growing threat of cybercrime. He stated that before cybercrimes just appeared to be foolish plans by teenagers. Now along with the idea of a cyber attack, a lot of background incentive and purpose is behind it. Now the authorities in charge of dealing with cybercrime see literally thousands of attacks a day. The cyber assaults or the news of the malware that ordinary people see is only when victims have come forward about it. There are many more intense attacks that the ordinary public doesn’t even have a clue about.

Crime has increased to such an extent that people are taking security measure through technology. Parents can’t trust their kids as they go hang out with their friends. To be level with their level of intelligence, parents are stepping it a notch. Spyware apps are installed in their kid’s phones merely to keep an eye on them. These apps which are commonly distributed by Mobistealth or Flexispy can even be used by a person to keep their phone safe. Seeing how people manage their financial and personal lives on their phones, these apps prevent the theft or hacking of these devices.

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