5 Must Have Flash Products

When solid-state drives (SSDs) arrived on the scene a few years ago, they were merely used as a lightning-fast solution for accessing and managing local data. These were primarily used as external and internal drives for home and business computing devices. More recently, enterprise-level data management companies have sprung up in the garden of tech start ups to implement flash drive technology into servers within the data center environment. Among the most innovative uses of flash drive technology is in enterprise-level disk arrays that make up the company’s servers. Flash technology is prized for data storage because it’s more stable and less prone to crashing then traditional hard drives.

Run Core Pro V

The ultra book market is replete with high-end machines that require parts to match. This ultra thin SATA3 solid state drive fits up to 480GB of space into 7mm thick drive that fits right into the thinnest books. This portability and speed make it a one-two punch of utility and versatility. The downside is that if you want to use this drive in a regular notebook, there is no frame to add the necessary 2.5mm to the body. If you’re enterprising, you can use some homemade padding. Otherwise, this drive provides fast portable space at around $1.5 per GB.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra

Is it just me, or can Samsung do no wrong lately? It seems like all the pies Samsung has their thumbs in – from smartphone hardware to displays – have been performing very well. This Series 5 ultra book is no exception. Riding the wave of smaller, highly capable notebooks, the Series 5 packs all the ports Samsung could fit into a 13” body that’s designed to go. It’s not a bargain, but it shaves off $150 from other books with similar features.

Multilevel Cell Flash

This novel approach to flash memory enables two data segments to be written to the same cell. In layman’s terms, that means you can double the capacity of flash storage media, so that 5gb thumb drive you have becomes 10gb. This is allowing storage to reach incredible new heights and even become server-ready (more on that later).

Crucial m4

Crucial is the brand that I built my first computer with, so perhaps I have a soft spot for them in my glacial heart. That doesn’t change the fact that this SSD is priced aggressively for the niche it’s aimed at: users looking to upgrade their system with an affordable solid-state drive with respectable transfer speeds.

Pure Storage

One of the most talked about start ups in the flash array space, Pure Storage came out with its initial Flash Array offering in Summer 2011. Recently, they came out with the Flash Array 2.0 release, which includes some new features like High Availability (HA) enhancements, as well as seamless integration with VMware using the VAAI API. Some of Pure Storage’s staunch advocates are lauding it as the product that will end the use of mechanical disk arrays in servers. Since the technology is built with several multi-level cell (MLC) SSDs within a single rack server, the Flash Array 2.0 could plausibly usher in the end of mechanical disk arrays in data centers.

These are just five of the latest and most talked about flash array storage start ups in the SSD market. This doesn’t include the dozens of other companies competing for attention in the space, and the market is expected to get even more crowded as the technology becomes more popular in server and data center management circles.

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