Google Project Glass – Things You Might Wanna Know

It is a true fact that every person who sees a movie that’s related to sci-fi pictures himself/herself to be in that world of high tech aura. But the first thought that comes to mind is that technologies like these are not possible in the real world as of now. Sorry to say but this article proves you a bit wrong. we have already stepped into the age of high leveled technology thanks to Google.

To begin with and to clear your doubts answer this question. Have you ever pictured devices and gadgets that have been simply projected on screen in movies but are almost impossible in real world? Well if you have’nt then you can now with Google’s spectacular “Google Project Glass”.


What is Google project glass?

Talking in a lay man’s language that will help you understand what exactly is the Google project glass. Let’s take an example as easy as the one where one can view projected screen on a transparent LCD that seems to be looking as a simple screen projected in mid air. Now if the same set of apparatus is
made to a size that is small enough to be set onto a wearable glass integrated with a heads up display and a battery hidden in the frame. Is you can picture what I am trying to say then you have a good idea as to what the Google project glass is. As well informed by the Google blogger Seith Weintraub, Google
project glass will consist of a transparent LCD or AMOLED display that will put information in front of your eyeballs. Thanks to the location aware camera and GPS you will be able to scroll and click on information simply by tilting your head. These spectacular glasses will have voice input and output too.

What are the specifications?

According to the New York Times these glasses will run on android and will have a small screen attached in front of your eye that will have motion sensors, GPS and 3g or 4g data connections. The best part of this device is that it can be connect to smart phones, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

What all can I do with the project glass?

According to the videos shared by Google itself let’s say that you will be monetized to be looking all hi-tech and sci-fi crazy person with people far off talking to you right in front of you, you will be able to find your way using the Satellite Navigation. As of the future view you might be able to view your favorite movie hall and check out the latest movie up there, invite friends and even tell them the way to get there. A cool technological technique making you look a person beyond the horizon you are in.

When do we get to see the amazing gadget and how much could it cost?

Google states that by the year 2014 this project glass will be available to the common crowd. And the price has been set approximately as that of a smart phone around £500.

Any disadvantages?

As they say every advantage has a disadvantage. So does this gadget too. Something so close to your eyeball might blast it with the great number of ads popping while you look at something, not to forget the distraction while you focus on something and these pop ups annoy you to the extent of getting distracted and irritated.

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7 Responses to Google Project Glass – Things You Might Wanna Know

  1. Ashish says:

    The glasses looks awesome but the price is bit high.
    Ashish recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications:5 Things To Watch OutMy Profile

  2. Parag says:

    Thanks ! dude for these MyBB tutorial sam way i wanna create a dynamic website in Java / php where i can create pages add Links & updte all those whenevr needed how can you help me out of this ? suggest low budget domain web hosting’s if known thanks … waiting for your response !!!

  3. Glasses with android , motion sensors, GPS , 3g , 4g , Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Sounds cool haan.
    But in 500 GBP (45000 INR) I would rather prefer taking iphone 5 (799$= 799*56 = around 45000 INR) OR a complete laptop.

    But I must say glasses are cool :P
    vineet talwar recently posted..10 Benefits/Advantages of JSP [Lect 2. pt.1]My Profile

  4. RaviSingh says:

    Wow!! It awesome features…

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