How To : Create An Android App For Your Blog In 5 Mins

Few days back I was searching google about creating an application for my blog and I came across a very cool website using which you can create an android app for your using in matter of few minutes. This application uses you blog’s rss feed to fetch the posts and shows them in the application. You can customise the background and looks of the app from with in the website.

URL of Website : Free Blog Apps

So, lets get started with the creation of android application for your blog.

Step 1

Get rss feed url of your blog.
Note : If you want to show the whole article in the app then your feed should also have the whole articles.

After finding the feed url just paste it in the textbox given on the home page of the website and click on next


Step 2

On the next page you will asked to fill in some information about your blog and your android app like blog category, app name, app description, email, app created by, website link.

On this screen you can choose the icon for your app and the background from there given gallery.


For Blog category I have chosen education as we provide how to’s
App Name : I gave name of my blog
App description : I gave meta description of my blog.
Email : Just gave my email which I use for my blog
App Created By : Here I wrote my name
Website Link : URL of my blog
Twitter Username : Username of my blog’s twitter account

Some of these information will be shown on your android market listing, also you don’t have to worry about sending your application for market listing Free Blog Apps will also do it for you.

Now just accept their terms and conditions and click on finish and you will be provided with the download options which includes direct download, barcode download. This download link will also be mailed to the email id you used while creating the application.

Step 3

Everything is donw guys now just let you readers know about you android application and ask them to download it.

You can download’s Android Application from here



You can share your android apps in the comments are :)

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21 Responses to How To : Create An Android App For Your Blog In 5 Mins

  1. aatif says:

    Just created !! going to check how it will look :)

  2. Naman says:

    Damn, that’s cool. Sigh, if only Apple made it just as easy to create iPhone apps lol.

    BTW, does this automatically reformat all your content into HTML5 mobile platform format? I don’t have android, so screenshots would be savvy. :)

  3. Puneet says:

    Great tips for me. Will love to do that.

  4. Aman Arora says:

    pending invites have been sent

  5. amit says:

    In Today’s Android era, using such app is very gud to get returning visitors…

    Thanks for share.

  6. Mike says:

    Nice tool, I was always wondering how hard could it be to create my own application but looks like it’s way simpler than i thought :)

  7. Puneet says:

    waow thats great info buddy. Will do the same for my site.

  8. Gaurang says:

    Another great source of creating Android apps is AppsGeyser.

  9. hamid shaikh says:

    Just created !! going to check how it will look

  10. Saumil says:

    wow, very simple :D

  11. Hey thanks for the detailed tutorial about app making.I would surely make the app for my blog real soon.Do download it then :D :)

  12. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Aman Arora, Thanks for the detailed info bro. Just created my app for my blog. once again Thanks a lot :)

  13. ashish Kumar says:

    hey aman wassup ?
    I have a question. Which is better Google’s feedBurner or mailchimp
    mailchimp- it has a free plan and news letters are pritty costomizable.
    and in other hand we have feedburner- which is lifetime free bt we can’t costomize it

    Please respond asap

    • Aman Arora says:

      I haven’t used feedburner for email marketing but for rss subscription is great. And for email marketing, I found mailchimp to be really promising, you can easily integrate it into your website. Everything is customisable :)

  14. RaviSingh says:

    You have share an excellent article.Android is covering mobile market this app for your site really going to improve your traffic even i m developing one app for my site best of luck dude.

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