Latest tools that can help you monitor your child

These days technology is available in abundance incorporating various tools and services. Owing to which a hot debate pertaining to child monitoring has been triggered among parents. And, why it should not be? After all children are easy victims of technology. Since a decade there is a huge spurt in technological advancement including World Wide Web, Cell phones, ipads, and many more hi-tech gadgets. An average child of above 10 is exposed to all these quite easily. This
creates an alarming need for monitoring.

Though, as a parent you can adopt various preventive measurements, but there is a fine line between prevention and monitoring. Prevention can be done with applying filtrations, monitoring needs deterrent methodology. There are separate monitoring tools available pertaining to different gadgets. Let’s throw a light upon some of them:

Cell Phone Monitoring

There are plenty of cell phone monitoring tools available which allows you not only access to text messages, but bestow a comprehensive report of overall activities of suspect phone. So, the next question is which is most reliable surveillance tool for phones? To best answer, cell phone
spy is such powerful tool
, when can track down the activities of phone irrespective of geographic location. The software can be downloaded with few bucks.

Internet monitoring

Potential threats of internet are well known. Making it essential to install a security mechanism, so the browser is harm free. Again, there are many tools and devices available, which can update you with each and every keystroke made by your child. Still you must perform the simple operations like, checking history folder, viewing the cache memory of computer( though, it can be deleted easily) and inspecting the cookie folder, so you would know what your young one is up to.

GoGo Stat Parental Guidance

These days’ children are especially addicted to Facebook. You might have added your kids in to your profile, but you barely get time to see to what profile updates your child is making. GoGo state software is a Facebook application that promptly updates you, if there is any pornographic material is uploaded to your child’s profile. The highly lucrative software is available absolutely free.

Varity Parental Control software

The download of this software is absolute free. Apart from monitoring, you can preset the time for daily computer usage through the software. The software also allows blocking the certain programs or websites which you think are not suitable for your child. The software runs in the back ground, so it does not create any hindrance while using it normally. The free software is compactable with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Security is always a hot button topic. Often parents teach their children not to fell a prey to any possible predators. But, first you as a parent need to abreast with technological advancement and associated dangers. Then only preach your child. Infect, then only you can monitor the kid. Most importantly, do not trash out the technology to the hilt because technology is crucial for your child’s development. Instead built a relationship of trust so your child would never suspect that you are being spy on them and invading their privacy.

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