Have You Played Secret Game On Youtube

In today world where the blanket of virtual world has overlapped the real world, online streaming is playing an important role in it. You want a lesson to be taken? Go check a video online. You want to listen to song that’s nowhere to be found? Go stream its online video. From getting a solution to the problem in real life to the solution for a problem in the virtual world, this feature of checking out the respective video has now become a trend. From promoting a product or brand or event to get known on the world of internet this feature on online video streaming is of a great help.

As known to all and to those who do not know, Youtube has always been a leading result for online videos streaming. From videos on HOW TO’s to videos on the first word that comes on to you lips its all here. Initially started by three employees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005, this site allows you to share, upload and view videos across the globe. Within a year this site was ranked amongst the top 5 site in the world and was later bought by Google in October 2006.

In today’s world seldom do people know about Youtube, but this article shall tell you something that is not known by many. As known to all that Youtube provides you with various wide spread range of videos even on the move. But what is it that you do when these videos that you eagerly wait to “load”
or “buffer” (in technical terms)?

Well here’s a solution and an answer to your question. Why don’t you play famous snake game while your video loads?? And that too on the very own screen of the video.

How to play the game


All you have to do is press the up arrow key twice and start the wonderful game of snake within the window where your video gets played. And not to worry because your video is loading behind the game that you are enjoying. This is a simple trick so as to save you from getting bored while the video you want to see loads on the site.

We hope this information gets you to enjoy the much waiting time when your video loads. Stay connected with this blog for more interesting articles like these.

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3 Responses to Have You Played Secret Game On Youtube

  1. Harkunwar says:

    Played it when internet was slow or video was not loading for some reason :P

  2. heehee.. looks like a fun :P . Cant check here.. In no time video is loading. will Check from some 2g connection..
    vineet talwar recently posted..10 Benefits/Advantages of JSP [Lect 2. pt.1]My Profile

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