5 Stupid Landing Page Mistakes

If you’re an affiliate marketer, your success will greatly depend on your landing page. If you want to have a good landing page, you need to avoid these stupid landing page mistakes that will lower your conversion rate:

  1. Giving no answer to your visitors

    Your landing page must be able to give the answer to the question: “what is it for me?” This is what you need to answer in your landing page. Your visitors visit your landing page hoping that they will get a good answer for this question. They want to get something from you. They want to learn something from you. If your audience is having a problem with their relationship, you should create a landing page that solves their relationship problem. That’s why your landing page must be able to give your visitors the answer that they want. If you can’t give this answer, you will kill your landing page conversion.

  2. Vague call to action

    Your landing page is an intermediary page. What you want people to do next will be determined by the purpose of your landing page. Do you want to build a list? Do you want to make a sale? What’s the purpose of your landing page? If you want people to subscribe to your list, ask them to subscribe. If you want people to buy the product that you recommend, ask them to do so. Vague call to action such as “Click here for more information” will not help you to increase your conversion rate.

  3. Putting too many clutters in your landing page

    Nowadays, it’s getting harder to focus online. There are many distractions that you can find online, especially if you don’t know what to do. That’s why you have to make your landing page as clutter-free as possible. Avoid putting too many distractions in your landing page because it will make it difficult for your visitors to make good decision. Focus on what you offer without giving them too many choices.

  4. Make your copy boring

    Boring copy will make your visitors to leave your landing page quickly. This is a surefire way to ruin your conversion. An interesting landing page copy is what will help you to increase your conversion rate. How to make your landing page interesting? You just need to write your landing page with your audience in mind. Inspire them, help them, and make them engaged in your conversation. In fact, you have to talk to them.

  5. Misleading your visitors

    Trapping, manipulating, or misleading your visitors will not help you to get good conversion rate in your landing page. Most people think that by misleading their visitors, they will get more traffic to their sales page. This is not always the case. Honesty will build trust, which will build good reputation for you. It is a better choice if you want to build long-term business with them. Avoid giving your visitors misleading information or recommendation because it will hurt your own reputation and conversion.

Those stupid mistakes will ruin your online business so to speak. You need to avoid those mistakes in your landing page because it will kill your conversion rate quickly.

Jim wrote this article. He likes to keep up to date with technology news and when he isn’t reading one of the many tech blogs out there he helps sell iPhone scanners at the Armenante store.

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2 Responses to 5 Stupid Landing Page Mistakes

  1. ashish Kumar says:

    hey aman, Found your blog really interesting after TTA is gone. Hey i just want to ask you something it is off topic but on the up right corner of blog which plugin u use for subscribing options. I saw this widget on many site but could not find answer.
    please help me with this
    BTW nice post keep posting

    • Aman Arora says:

      Hey ashish, nice to know that you read TTA, I too felt bad when I saw TTA is gone. Also, nice to know that you found this one interesting :)

      About the sidebar widget its Easy Mashable Social Bar

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